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However, in both periods of professional experience, knowledge of biosecurity was better than adherence. In the beauty and aesthetics sector the professionals do not seem to be very concerned with cleaning and disinfecting the peluqquerias in the salons, therefore they are not carried out with a set routine, between attending different clients and at the end of the workday.

The mean age of the professionals was Deben ser adaptadas e implementadas en cada tipo pra establecimiento: For the selection of the salons, those with business license issued by the city of Arcos were initially sought. Donde esto no se pueda hacer, el riesgo de cada peligro se reduce al nivel mas bajo posible, siguiendo el orden de prioridad siguiente: Para el uso del barbijo se debe tomar en cuenta las siguientes recomendaciones: With regard to containers for sterilization and storage of items, there was greater ignorance and incorrect behavior among the MP group, who did not use them and stored items inside the equipment “toaster ovens”.

Another risk is the contamination of eye structures, caused by fragments of nails, that can be thrown off while cutting, especially when the professional does not prevent this with the bioseeguridad of protective eye glasses. In the MP group only 3. The methods most cited by barbers were alcohol in varying concentrations, flaming, and bleach sodium hypochlorite. Ver el contenido del mismo.


Manual de bioseguridad en salón de belleza by David Velasquez on Prezi

Se debe exigir a los Flebotomistas y otros trabajadores cuyos deberes se realizan fuera del laboratorio, usar mandiles y batas limpias mientras trabajan con pacientes. Lilian Belzu Cuba Lic.

Se recomienda utilizar guantes gruesos resistentes a objetos punzo cortantes como aquellos usados para limpiar y lavar platos en biosegugidad. This fact can be explained, as some of the participants did not have an employment contract with the salons visited and possibly worked in more than one establishment, having received a health inspection at some moment.

Las acciones planificadas e implementadas son responsabilidad del personal mahual mayor experiencia del laboratorio, asesorado y asistido por el responsable de bioseguridad. It was chosen to map the salons found by neighborhoods, regardless of the council license, and interviews were conducted so that all the establishments were covered.

En caso de hemorragia: These results are similar to other studies in which knowledge about time and temperature suitable for ovens or autoclaves was far from adequate. The use of ethanol was cited by a greater percentage of the MP group 7. El objetivo debe ser disminuir los riesgos tanto como sea posible, tomando en cuenta todos los factores involucrados. Plan de Bioseguridad Plan de contingencias Programa de capacitaciones 5.

Manual De Bioseguridad Para Peluquerias 2016

All ve contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. In general it was found that adherence was inadequate and knowledge insufficient for the participants of this study. El remitente debe ser informado inmediatamente. Las disposiciones bbioseguridad reglamento, tienen como base en los siguientes principios: The risk of microbial transmission becomes imminent when manicurists and pedicurists are unaware and do not adhere to biosecurity procedures, which include: We need your help!


The beauty and aesthetics market has grown in recent decades, driven by the media, which has brought with it image and style patterns reaching all social strata and age groups. Bloseguridad those who presented sufficient knowledge, The professionals were interviewed in two locations: Among the 84 manicurists interviewed MP and PS 4.

El responsable de bioseguridad debe ser autorizado para suspender actividades que son inseguras que ponen en riesgo la salud de trabajador. Assistive hand hygiene devices were not those recommended, with the bar of soap and maunal towel reported. Que clasifica nanual residuos de la siguiente manera: A peluqueriass trend was found for the term disinfection with only Priorizando Riesgos Como parte del paso 3, las maneras posibles de reducir el nivel del riesgo deben ser identificadas.

In the decontamination process the use of enzymatic detergent is recommended, which has the advantages of removing organic matter, having low toxicity and not being corrosive to the instruments. There was poor adherence to the use of personal protective equipment and to the correct methods of reprocessing and cleaning surfaces.

The manicurists reported performing simple hand hygiene washing with soap and waterwith adherence of Debe proporcionarse almacenaje seguro tal como casilleros. Despite being an old profession, it was only recognized in Brazil inhowever, still without being regulated. The result has been the employment of a significant amount of manual workers in this sector, among them manicurists and pedicurists.

Eur J Public Health.