In June , journalist Pico Iyer wrote an essay in praise of the humble comma for Time magazine that for the first time made punctuation. Jennifer Rienzo ~ COMM ~ Online ActivityCritical Analysis of Pico Iyer s In Praise of the Humble Comma 1. Identify the thesis of Iyer s essay. Pico Iyer is giving punctuation more credit. Nobody realizes how important these simple marks actually are. Iyer says, “Punctuations are like.

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The anarchy and commotion of the ’60s were given voice in the exploding exclamation com,a, riotous capital letters and Day-Glo italics of Tom Wolfe’s spray-paint prose; and in Communist societies, where the State is absolute, the dignity — and divinity — of capital letters teh reserved for Ministries, Sub-Committees and Secretariats. RWA Con 5 Business: Punctuation, then, is a matter of care. RWA Con ’09 5 Business: Copyright — Keira Soleore keirasoleore.

Many people think that it is a boring issue, or is not as essential as others writing features, but it really is. A run-on sentence, its phrases piling up without division, is as unsightly as a sink piled high with dirty dishes.

Doing without certain punctuation marks, in a world full of punctuation, is yier conscious choice, which carries a very specific charge and implications about the world as it is generally seen; just doing without them entirely makes no kind of statement about anything. James Death Comes to Pemberley by P. An abridged version of this was published in the Editorial page of The Times of India on February 14, but here is the full transcript for those who would like to know all he said:.

In Praise of the Humble Comma – TIME

Anonymous 10 October at Punctuation, in short, gives us the human voice, and all the meanings that lie between the words. Punctuation thus becomes the signature of cultures. To me, part of the beauty of a comma is that it offers a rest, like one in music, a break that gives the whole piece of music around it a greater shape and a deeper harmony. A period has the unblinking finality of a red light; the comma is a flashing yellow light that asks us only to slow down; and the semicolon is a stop sign that tells us to ease gradually to a halt, before gradually starting up again.


Yet punctuation picoo something more than a culture’s birthmark; it scores the music in our minds, gets our thoughts moving to the hubmle of our hearts. But the same could tue said — could it not?

This essay you write about seems to be very interesting.

Go HERE to read it in its entirety. Any instance of the difference it can make? Naipaul, in his latest novel, writes, “He was a middle-aged man, with glasses,” the first comma can seem a little precious. Yet punctuation is something more than a culture’s birthmark; it scores the music in our minds, gets our thoughts moving to the rhythm humvle our hearts.

Keira Soleore is a pseudonym. Yet it gives the description a spin, as well as a subtlety, that it otherwise lacks, and it shows that the glasses are not part of the middle-agedness, but ot else.

But if we lose these distinctions entirely, and then start to do away with semi-colons, parentheses and bumble else, I think we will lose all music, nuance and subtlety in our communication, and end up shouting at one another in block capitals. Is the variation always that big? Which brings us back, in a way, to gods. He has co-edited an anthology called, “Beantown Boomtown: Pico Iyer set out to write a humorous piece about commas and other punctuation marks for a general audience.

Small wonder, then, that punctuation was one of the first proprieties of the Victorian age, the age of the corset, that the modernists threw off: Small things are not less important than big ones; I suspect that is one of the central lessons of our iPod, MacBook Air universe, in which more and more is getting shrunk.

In Praise of the Humble Comma | Cogitations and Meditations

Of course, Lynne Truss’s book Eats, Shoots and Leaves was to follow later and indelibly impress upon my mind the importance of grammar with verve and wit. Punctuation, one is taught, has a point: I find Pico Iyer’s essay quite humorous and full of irony. And taking the time to punctuate where it is necessary, though it may seem a harsh job, it is the way to highlight a text as a whole. The gods, they say, give breath, and they take it away.

In an email conversation I ot with Iyer last week, he said he still believes in the power of pauses and that the comma is actually about love. Labels anecdote 10 article 5 assignment 1 books 7 class experience 2 courses 2 education 3 feelings 4 festivals 2 g 1 general interest 94 history 1 homework 1 lenguayexpresionescrita isdf reading writing 9 listening 1 literature 2 movie 25 news 18 novel 27 opinion 16 play 2 poem 15 reading 13 recipe 3 review 1 short story 49 song 11 teacher training 8 teacher’s resources 7 technology 1 theatre 1 TV 1 tv programme 1 writing 1.


Besides he states that life without punctuation could be chaotic and to exemplify this idea he makes a connection with Victorian Age strict rules and corsets that later Modernists got rid of. Tuesday, Pco 15, at What reason can you offer for this ommission?

But the most enjoyable passages are especially the ones where the author uses imagery, comparisons and praize as literary resources to state his ideas clearly and humorously. Websites 4 Contests 6 Craft: Tech Science Reviews Search for: The beauty of English language will be incomplete without the comma, which adds to the expressions and meaning of sentences. Why does the author entitle his essay, “In Praise of the Humble comma” when most of the essay deals with punctuation in general?

It is a martial music. Keira’s Website Email Keira. View comments Post a comment. Cyr Books by C.

Cummings first felt free to commit “God” to the lower case. Like the humble comma. Oh, yes, and National Punctuation Day is September I think it would imply a lack of fidelity to subtlety and silence, the pause between words that sometimes gives them their deepest meaning, the space between certainties that is often where all power and meaning lies.

Why we need the comma more than ever before…

Every day, at my desk, I spend most of my time taking out commas — or parentheses or dashes — or putting them in again to try to cimma a certain rhythm, a tone of voice, a slant of light. Yes, fashions change and, yes, people differ radically in how much they want to use the comma.

It would be like a piece of music that never halted or changed speed, but that rolled on relentlessly.