The Arabic name for geomancy, “‘ilm al-raml,” means “the science of the sand.” In its original form, the geomantic figure was created by making. The Arabic words in the center of the circle; Ilm-al Raml, translates to the Science of the Sands. This broadsheet, a precursor to the book on Geomancy by Kiyan. What the Geomantic Study-Group is for Western geomancy, this group is for Arabic `ilm al-raml (the formal Arabic term for geomancy, literally.

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Each is associated with a planet, a zodiac sign, and either day or night, which is crucial to the more astrological methods of interpretation. The lack of perfection in a chart.

ConjureMan Ali’s Spiritual Blog: Geomancy and Khatt al Raml

Preferably, info on what the Ulama in particular Ayat. Though over the years I have become known as a tarot reader here in the West, I practiced geomancy long before I al-ramo picked up the tarot. In Korea, geomancy aal-raml the form of interpreting the topography of the land to determine future events and or the strength of a dynasty or particular family. Most of the other variants used are just that: In Renaissance magicgeomancy was classified as one of the seven “forbidden arts”, along with necromancyhydromancyal-raamlpyromancychiromancy palmistryand spatulamancy scapulimancy.

The most prevalent form of divinatory geomancy involves interpreting a series of 16 figures formed by a randomized process that involves recursion followed by analyzing them, often augmented with astrological interpretations.

Confessing to knowing a divinatory art, he explained that pre-Islamic prophets knew geomancy, and that by learning geomancy, one may “know all that the prophet knew”. Geomancy underwent a revival in the 19th century, when renewed interest in the occult arose due to the works of Robert Thomas Im and of Edward Bulwer-Lytton It can also involve a mouse as the agent of the earth spirit. Geomancy requires the geomancer to create sixteen lines of points or marks without counting, creating sixteen random numbers.

Conceptually, this is the same procedure in mathematical logic as the exclusive orwhere a line with two points is used instead of “false” and a line with one point instead zl-raml “true”. Divination History of astrology Geomancy.

Same Figures, but Different Names and Different Traditions

European geomancers provided an alternate method of interpreting the figures through the house chart, which feature the twelve astrological houses. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Posted July 26, The querent and quesited cannot reach each other. The sixteen lines of points are grouped in fours, and the points are then counted off two by two, from the right to the left, and connected in pairs, so that each line of points ends either with a pair or with a single point.


Traditional practitioners of geomancy use this knowledge as a type of parity check on the chart to ensure that no mistakes have been made while computing the figures. Each also is associated with an element earth, air, fire, water ; a humor sanguine, choleric, melancholy, phlegmatic ; a gender; a measure of time hours, days, weeks, months, years.

One division of the shield chart for interpretation involves triplets of the figures called triplicities. As in astrological practice, each house governs an area of life. In recent times the term has been applied to a wide range of other occult and fringe activities, including Earth mysteries and the introduction of ley lines and Bau-Biologie. When it comes down to it, my business and political clients in the Middle East are only interested in geomancy and astrology.

On the other hand, if the chart does not perfect but the figures are good, then the matter will not resolve even though the querent can make do successfully without it. Probably the most common and canonical one is the dairah-e-abdah, which uses a kind of binary ordering, as seen in the following diagram to be read from right to left:.

The Geomantic Al-rml There are sixteen possible figures in the geomantic tableau. As each chart is generated from the four Mothers, there are a total number of 16 4or 65, possible charts.

Columbia University Press, Other Arabic names for geomancy include khatt al-raml and darb al-raml. Factors that shape the querent’s life and the situation surrounding the query. In the 19th century, Christian missionaries in China translated feng shui as “geomancy” due to their observations of local shamans and priests manipulating the flow and direction of energy based on aesthetics, location, and position of objects and buildings.

Generally, except when the querent asks about a situation about a subject with no immediate connection to themselves, the querent’s significator is located in the first house see Derivative house.

Often, when a chart denied perfection, geomancers would observe how the significators aspected each other; the aspects here retain similar meanings from astrology. A sixteenth figure called the “super judge” is sometimes drawn by “adding” the points of the first and fifteenth figures.

The Nieces The next four figures, sometimes called the “nieces” or neptes are created by adding together the points in pairs of two figures above.


Recently, they used the method, and gave a scholar two names and their date of births to figure out if the future was good or wl-raml for them. Each figure has a name and a set of attributes zl-raml qualities. Notably, Populus cannot appear in these charts, since mathematically it either requires two figures to be the same in order to be formed, or produces a duplicate figure when added to another figure.

For the Chinese art of aesthetics, see Feng shui.

In Koreathis tradition was popularized in the ninth century by the Buddhist monk Toson Doseon. These single or odd and paired or even points will be grouped to create the first four figures of the geomantic tableau: The poem Experimentarius attributed to Bernardus Silvestriswho wrote in the middle of the 12th century, was a verse translation of a work on astrological geomancy. A number of dots and lines were marked which gave llm to a set symbols and figures from which a chart was produced.

Though they share the same origin and great similarities, enough time, space, and work has passed that have made the two sciences grow apart into their own unique systems. The Daughters are placed in the next four houses in order on the same row as the Mothers.

Translated by Syring, Osmar Henry. This same process survived virtually unchanged through its introduction to Europe in the medieval era, and survives to this day in various Arabic countries.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. From the dots or points, the geomancer draws a series of figures which are arranged into the geomantic tableau. After testing Idris’ newfound knowledge and skill of geomancy, and revealing himself to be the angel Jibril in the process, the stranger disappeared. Tuesday, June 17, Geomancy and Khatt al Raml.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Posted by ConjureMan Ali at 2: The first two are called the “witnesses” or testes and the last is the “judge” or iudex If the judge is a figure that does not have an even number of points, a mistake has been made in the addition, “and then must you turn again to make correction”.