The book contains the biography of Hazrat Bayazid Bastami (RA) who was recognised as a great sage (wali) of his time. Urdu Movies – 42 pages. Murshid’s Books. Afzal ul Siddiqeen · Murad e Rasool · Mard e Kamil. Articles. The Holy Prophet ﷺ is Alive · Kissing the Thumbs · Standing During Salaat-us-. Hazrat Khwājā Bāyazīd Bastāmī, known as Sultān al-Ārifīn, king of the Awliya, may Allah’s mercy be showered upon him forever, was Related Books. Junaid wa Bayazid (Urdu) by Pir Abdul Lateef Khan Naqshbandi,

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History bagazid The Khanqah. Read Online in Urdu. God has created us in different tribes with different shapes, colours culture, taste and habits. Even our preference for literature varies from person to person. Personally, I have always been fond of reading books on Islamic history, Urdu literature, auto biographies and scientific books.

Bayazid Bastami

The latter is extremely interesting, with detailed biographies of 96 auliya with special emphasis on their spiritual powers. Tazkiratul Aulia was compiled by Hazrat Fariduddin Attar who himself was recognised as a sage. The book was written almost years ago. Attar was born hazrxt Hijra at Neshapur and was martyred there in Hijra by a Tatar soldier.

The book contains the biography of Hazrat Bayazid Bastami RA who was recognised as a great sage wali of his time. I bayazis reproducing the said story from the book because I am convinced many readers will find it interesting and informative. Since I did not have any contact details of Captain Wahid, I could not contact him about this, but I sincerely hope he has no objections to this. I would like to express my gratitude to Prof Ghazali for his assistance and translation.

Go to Dayr Saman and join the Christians in their festivity and worship; a spectacular event will take place’. He recited aa’uzubillah and told himself: When he woke, he was shivering.

He started wondering whether or not he should obey this command. He then heard the inner voice saying: You are among the best auliya and your name is written in the scroll of the virtuous ones.

Put on the dress of the hermits and there will be no blame hzarat sin on you.

It was the day of their festivity and hermits were congregating from all over to listen to the sermon of their chief. He took a seat among them. When the chief took the pulpit, everyone was silent. He tried to speak but the pulpit started shaking and he baazid not say anything.

Hadhrat Ba-Yazeed Bastami (r.a) Ka Aik Yahoodi Say Mukalma By Shaykh Hafiz Muhammad Aslam

The hermits asked him what prevented him from speaking. Hrdu told them that a ‘Mohammadan’ had come in their midst to test their faith and this had prevented him from speaking. If he answers them all correctly, we will spare him. Otherwise we will kill him’.

Thereupon the chief called out from the pulpit: Tell us who are haazrat people who hazratt lies and enter paradise and the people who tell the truth and enter hell?

Tell us which part of your body is the resting place of your name? What are the winds that scatter dust, the clouds that bear heavy weights of water, the ships that float with ease and the angels that distribute provisions by Allah’s command?


Boos is that which is dead and yet it breathes? Who are the fourteen who spoke with the Lord of the Worlds? Which was the grave that moved with the buried one? Which is the water that neither fell from the sky nor gushed out from the earth?

Who are the four who were born without parents?

Whose is the first blood that was shed on earth? What is it that was created by God; then purchased by him?

What was created by God and then disliked by him? What was it God created and then expressed its gravity? What was it God created and then asked Himself what it was? Who are the best women in the world? Which rivers are the best in the world; the best mountain; the best animal; the best month of the year; the best night?

What is the catastrophe Tammah? Which tree has twelve branches with each of them having thirty leaves; each leaf having five flowers, two of which are in the sun and three in the shade? What is it that performed the Pilgrimage of Baitullah House of Allah and performed Tawaf, but it has neither life nor is pilgrimage obligatory upon it? How many nooks were created by Allah ahzrat how many of them are fully-fledged messengers?

What are the four things with different tastes and colours having one root? What is naqeer, qitmeer, bastaji, sabad, labad, Tam and Ram? What does the dog say when it barks; hasrat donkey when it brays? What do an ox, a horse, a camel, a peacock, a nightingale and a frog say? When the bell rings, what uazrat it say? Who are the people to whom Allah sent a revelation, but they are neither jinn nor men nor angels?

When the day dawns, where does the night go and when the night falls, where does the day go? Bastami then asked the chief: You are witness to this statement of theirs’. The two that have no third are the day and the night, for Allah says: The five that have no sixth are the five obligatory prayers. The six bsstami have no seventh are the six days in which Allah created the heavens and the earth, for Allah says: The nine that have no tenth are the nine mischief-makers of Bani Israel, for Allah says: The ten that have no eleventh are the ten days of fasting prescribed for one who is performing the Pilgrimage haazrat Tamatu one of the three procedures of pilgrimagebut who cannot afford to sacrifice an animal, for Allah says: The eleven that have no twelfth are the Prophet Yusuf and his brothers, for Allah says: The booke that have no thirteenth are the twelve months of the years, for Allah says: The thirteen that have no fourteenth are what is mentioned in Yusuf’s dream, for Allah says: The people who lied but went to heaven were the brothers of Yusuf who said: We went racing with one another and left Yusuf by our belongings and a wolf devoured him.

The people who told the truth, yet they will go to bookd are the Jews and the Christians, as Allah says: The angels who distribute by Allah’s command are those who distribute provisions from the fifteenth of Shaaban to the next fifteenth of Shaaban. That which is dead and yet breathes is the morning, for Allah hazraat The fourteen who spoke with the Lord of the Worlds are seven heavens and seven earths, for Allah says: The grave that moved with the buried one was the whale that swallowed Prophet Yunus.


The water that neither fell from the sky nor gushed from the earth is the sweat of the horses that was sent by Bilqees to the Prophet Sulaiman to test him. The four born without parents are the sheep slaughtered in place of Prophet Ismail, the female camel of Prophet Salim, and Prophet Adam and his wife, Hawwa Eve. The first bloodshed on earth was that of Habeel Abel who was killed by his brother Qabeel Cain. The thing created by Allah and hazraat purchased by Him is the life of a true believer, for Allah says: The thing created by Allah and then disliked by Him is the braying of a donkey, for Allah says: The thing Allah created and then expressed its gravity is that plotted by women, for Allah says: The thing Allah created and bayazld asked Himself what it was is the staff of Prophet Musa, for Allah says: May Allah be pleased with them all.

The best rivers in the world are the Oxus, Tigris, Euphrates and Nile; the best mountain is Tur; the best animal is the horse; the best month is Ramazan, for Allah says: The catastrophe Tammah is Doomsday. The tree with the twelve branches is the year; twelve branches for the months; thirty leaves for the days of every month; five flowers for the five daily prayers, two books which are offered in daylight and three while it is dark.

The total number of prophets is one hundred and twenty-four thousand, out of whom three hundred and thirteen are Udu. The rest are non-messengers. Bzyazid four things with different tastes and colours but with a common root are the eyes, nose, mouth and ears.

Their root is the brain. The water from the eyes is saltish; that of the mouth is sweet; that of the nose is sour and that of the eyes is bitter. Naqeer is the speck on the back of a date stone as mentioned in the Quran 4: Qitmeer is the thin membrane covering the date stone. Bpoks is the thin white layer inside the date stone.

– Shaykh Bayazid al-Bastami aur Rahibs

Sabad and labad are the names of the wool on the body of sheep. When the bell rings it says: Allah sent revelation to the bees, for He says: When the day dawns, the night goes to the other side of the Earth due to the earth’s rotation on its axis and when the night falls, day goes to the other side, which cannot be altered by any prophet or angel save by His own will.

After having said all this, Hazrat Bayazid asked them: Abyazid immediately took off their hermit’s robes and embraced Islam.

Read to enlighten your self. Shaykh Bayazid al-Bastami aur Rahibs.