The Arab awakening: the story of the Arab national movement. by Antonius, George. Publication date Topics Middle East — History. Mr. Antonius, Christian Arab and former government official in Palestine, has written the first comprehensive history of the Pan Arab by George Antonius. ANTONIUS, GEORGE. The Arab Awakening: A History of the Arab National Movement. Pp. xi, New York: G. P. Putnam’s Sons, $ Show all.

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Start reading The Arab Awakening: Perhaps most importantly, however, his work, and the conclusion in particular, is designed to voice a strong support for the Arabs of Palestine and advance an academic argument for a now-untenable one state solution. Instead, he returned to the Middle East, where the anticipated outbreak of war seemed likely to provide him with an opportunity, as war had done for him twenty-five years earlier.

The book was only the second time that an authoritative translation of the McMahon letters had been published. It is a classic, one of the best books I have ever read. Oct 10, Christopher Saunders rated it it was amazing.

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However, for all the debts of gratitude owed by the Allies — particularly Britain — to the leaders of the Arab Revolt and their supporters among the populace, their actions in the wake of the war fell stunningly short of fitting. A History of the Arab Peoples: From the middle ofhe began a quest for wartime employment, a fact which he belatedly confessed to the ICWA:.

Then Antonius made this proposal, drawn from the experience of the previous war, and not without due consideration of his own predicament: Rogers wrote in a way which very much disturbed George and he resigned from the Institute—as he said—because he could not send the reports to the Institute.

He shows, with love but not without a bit of chagrin, the dual tendencies of the early Arab activists to lethargy and dormancy on the one hand, and swift, inspired action on the other. It was pertinent in and is even more pertinent now. Open Preview See a Problem? It aims at giving am account of the origins of the Arab awakening, its development and the main obstacles it has had to face under the Ottoman Empire, then under the British and French colonialism. Bender arb it liked it Dec 31, The cure for the eviction of the Jews from Germany is not to be sought in the eviction of the Arabs antonuis their homeland; and the relief of Jewish distress may not be accomplished at the cost of inflicting a corresponding distress upon georye and peaceful population.


Not egorge this had he labored. He would rather not accept this post until anfonius had had a awakeming of learning their mind by travelling to the Near East, but he thought it quite possible he would return. Alex Payne rated it liked it Feb 15, Though one can hardly accuse Antonius of being a romantic — his treatment of even historical figures he admires being unfailingly multifaceted, attempting sober, realistic and objective assessments — it is here that georgw history turns from a story of the movement into a thundering, apocalyptic prophecy and a stirring plea.

There are, indeed, weaker passages: By the end of the 19th century, the torch of Arab nationalism had been passed to Arab intellectuals residing in Greater Syria and in Europe and to Arab officers in the Ottoman Army that formed a secret society to ultimately promote Arab nationalist interests. Open identification with the Arab information effort would have made him an overt partisan and disqualified him from a further role as mediator and possible participant.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Swakening. The final third covers post-war developments and how the Arabs were denied many, if not most, of their demands and the promises that had been made to them prior to the conflict. Not only did this force the Ottomans to turn their attention inward and take the pressure off of British troops who were fighting in North Africa, but even more importantly from a strategic standpoint, the Arab Revolt effectively thwarted German communications with the colonies through Ottoman territory.

This is the first widely used book on Arab nationalism.

Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. As he is neither Jew nor Arab he is untouched by the deepest racial problems and carries very successfully an objective outlook.

Customers who bought this item also bought. Yesha rated it really liked it Nov 17, It is viewed as the foundational textbook of the history of modern Arab nationalism.

My knowledge of Arab affairs enables me to state, with the deepest conviction, that the Arabs are at heart as attached to those principles as any other civilized people. This book traces the evolution of Arab nationalism from Ottoman colonialism, to Anglo-French imperialism, and finally to political independence. Perhaps the best way of getting a message to me would be to send it in care of the Consulate, with whom I am always in touch. Georfe your thoughts with other customers.

The Arab Awakening – Wikipedia

The head of the bureau should be a personality of some standing to whom a high military rank might be given, and he would have to assist him a small staff of carefully selected men who have experience of Arab problems and contacts in the Arab world.


But did Antonius welcome an academic career and the opportunity to pursue his work single-mindedly? According to Antonius, Arab nationalism began stirring under the rule of the Ottoman Empire and erupted with the Arab Revolt, which lasted from to For Antonius did not wish to parlay The Arab Awakening into an academic position.

Muhammad A rated it it was ok Apr 08, My address in Beirut is the Hotel St. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Transaction,— From a scholarly perspective, whether or not Muhammad Ali can be tied to the birth of the Arab nationalist movement has certainly been questioned. The sort of thing which he did take the initiative in was the big intellectual enterprise like the Arabic lexicon or an Institute of Arabic Studies.

Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. After several years of travel and research in all parts of the Arab world, the author managed to gain access to all the relevant material necessary to the writing of a book such as this – much of the material having been unavailable to other writers on the subject. Since Antonius had procrastinated, an embarrassed Butler still could retract the invitation without too much loss of face, once controversy loomed.

This correspondence between the British High Commissioner in Egypt and the Sherif of Mecca occurred between October and January and was not officially released until the London Conference. I am of the opinion that there is a pressing need for the creation of a special British bureau in the Middle East, whose main functions would be to attend to political and economic problems in the Arabic-speaking countries.

He takes it upon himself to speak to English-speaking audiences on behalf of the politically-voiceless Levantine peasant, attached firmly to his land and to his neighbours by inexpressibly-profound bonds of love, and oppressed not only by British and French mandatory maladministration, not only by Zionist settlement, but also by the shortsightedness and greed of the Arab landowning class and traditional tribal elites.

It is beautifully narrated with such accounts as seemed necessary to elucidate the problem.

Yet few now would deny that The Arab Awakeningfor all the appeal of its narrative style, is more suggestive of a sustained argument than a history.