Phimosis and paraphimosis are disorders of the penis. Symptoms of phimosis include inflammation of the skin on the head of the penis and painful urination or . SOURCES OF INFORMATION. This paper is based on selected findings from a MEDLINE search for literature on phimosis and circumcision referrals and on our . ScientificWorldJournal. Feb 3; doi: /tsw Prepuce: phimosis, paraphimosis, and circumcision. Hayashi Y(1), Kojima Y, Mizuno.

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Table 1 Indications for urologic consultation regarding the foreskin. Ice packs are also useful in reducing swelling of the penis and prepuce. Br J Sex Med. Physiologic phimosis is often seen by family physicians. An unusual and somewhat piercing cause of paraphimosis.

Poor hygiene and recurrent episodes of balanitis or balanoposthitis lead to scarring of prafimosis orifices, leading to pathologic phimosis. Pencabutan kuat dari kulup menyebabkan microtears di lubang preputial yang juga menyebabkan jaringan parut dan phimosis. A Skin at preputial outlet is healthy with no scarring, and the inner preputial mucosa is starting to evert through the outlet.

Repetitive episodes of balanoposthitis can lead to scarring and, eventually, pathologic phimosis. D ICD – All of these techniques are geared toward reducing the swelling so that manual reduction can be performed.

Paraphimosis: Current Treatment Options

However, pain may not always be present. With physiologic phimosis, the preputial outlet is always closed and one cannot see the glans unless the foreskin is retracted, as the examiner has done in the photograph.

The use of this method is contraindicated in those with the presence of infection or cancer, since the technique may result in the spread of bacteria or malignant cells. You reassure the parents that this is normal and explain to ada,ah that their son has a healthy foreskin with no immediate health risks.


The prepuce foreskin is the retractile covering of the glans penis. Emergency Department Care Patients with phimosis rarely require any emergency intervention and should be referred to a urologist as on an outpatient basis prior to development of irreversible penile damage.

When necessary, all of the following procedures can be facilitated by the use of local anesthesia, a penile block using lidocaine hydrochloride without epinephrine or, especially in children, conscious sedation. Osmotic method Substances with a high solute concentration can be used to osmotically draw out fimozis from the edematous glans and foreskin prior to manual reduction.

Pada fimosis, lapis bagian dalam preputium melekat pada glans penis. Ballooning Among children, ballooning of the foreskin can occur secondary to a tight foreskin. Ras Tidak ada predileksi ras dikenal ada untuk fimosis dan parafimosis.

Ballooning resolves with time as the foreskin becomes more retractile. Physiologic phimosis occurs naturally in newborn males. Paraphimosis is one of the few urologic emergencies that may be encountered in general practice. Fisiologis phimosis phimosis patologis vs. Juga, lihat artikel pendidikan pasien kulup eMedicine itu Masalah dan Sunat. Orang fimsois juga mungkin khawatir dengan “balon” dari kulup saat buang air kecil – sebuah temuan yang normal.

Both of the procedures mentioned here should be performed by a physician experienced in these techniques. To review the differences between physiologic and pathologic phimosis, review proper foreskin care, and discuss when it is appropriate to seek consultation regarding a phimotic foreskin. Sign up for the free AFP email table of contents. See My Options close. parafimois

Adhesions Adhesions are remnants of the fused layer between the glans and prepuce. Vertikal sayatan Jika tidak ada metode di atas adalah sukses, band konstriksi dari kulup harus menorehkan menggunakan sayatan membujur cm antara dua hemostat lurus ditempatkan pada posisi jam untuk hemostasis [6]. Sex Phimosis and paraphimosis affects males only. Many techniques of paraphimosis reduction have been described in case studies, though none have been tested in randomized control trials.


Patients with severe paraphimosis that proves refractory to conservative therapy will require a bedside emergency dorsal slit procedure to save the penis.

Also, see eMedicine’s patient education articles Foreskin Problems and Circumcision. Ini adhesi secara spontan larut dengan pencabutan kulup intermiten dan ereksi, sehingga sebagai laki-laki tumbuh, fimosis fisiologis menyelesaikan dengan usia. Most phimosis referrals seen in pediatric urology clinics are normal physiologically phimotic foreskins. Indikasi medis utama dilakukannya tindakan sirkumsisi pada anak-anak adalah fimosis patologik.

Although this can produce anxiety among parents, it is a completely benign process. Terjemahan Latar belakang Phimosis mengacu pada ketidakmampuan untuk menarik kembali kulup lebih distal glans penis. There are no prospective, randomized, controlled studies comparing the efficacy of currently available treatment options. If minimally invasive measures fail to reduce the paraphimosis, a urologic consultation is required.

He has had no urinary tract infections and is otherwise healthy. This circumferential ring of tissue can impair the blood and lymphatic flow to and from the glans and prepuce.

This page was last edited on 18 Aprilat At follow-up visits, if preputial scarring develops parafiimosis the patient enters into the teenage years with a refractory phimosis, then urologic consultation should be sought.

The cohort studies performed in Europe are the studies most often cited in the urologic community when discussing phimosis.

Prepuce: phimosis, paraphimosis, and circumcision.

Kelainan Fimosis Phimosis Fimosis phimosis Merupakan kondisi dimana kulit yang melingkupi kepala penis glans penis tidak bisa ditarik ke belakang untuk membuka seluruh bagian kepala penis kulup, prepuce, preputium, foreskin. Reproduced with permission from the Canadian Journal of Urology 8.

A 6- to 8-week course of topical corticosteroids eg, 0. More in Pubmed Citation Related Articles.