Exalted Malfeas has 47 ratings and 0 reviews. A Guide to the Demon City The fifth of five books dedicated to the supernatural locales of the Exalted sett. A Guide to the Demon City The fifth of five books dedicated to the supernatural locales of the Exalted setting, this supplement focuses on Malfeas, Hell of the. Ligier is great among the demons of Malfeas. He guards many treasures that he holds dear; he has many goals that he would see fulfilled.

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They appear as ever-mutating crystals with peculiar matrices that change color depending on the flavor of the local dragon lines.

Malfeas – Exalted – Unofficial Wiki

Berserk is really, really not for the faint of heart, just so you know. Well Oramus wasn’t sealed out of concern for the population of Malfeas. His only pleasure is in thus exerting his dominance over others, in the breaking of wills and the senseless destruction of peace.

I’ve removed Herannuen, as her Yozi progenitor is not specified in the text. Page 23 of the Infernals book has a paragraph on Malfeas where they are referred to as “his precious erymanthoi”, so I’m adding them here, with “unknown” parents.


Emputhaneithe Winged Choristers Han’ya The emputhanei take the form of red-haired, pubescent human girls, with their arms replaced by brass-feathered wings. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

I think I remember now Exalted Malfeas by John Chambers.

Malfeas, The Demon City | Thirdexalt Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Originally posted by nalak42 View Post. I’m going to have to go through Berserk and Six Billion Demons for cool pictures and scenes. Exalteed out my expansion to the Realm of Brass and Shadow.

Just how horrific is Malfeas? As the demon ages, the blades grow and increase in number. Added stats for the Ihiyo, will work on the stats for Kujulu soonish. Quendalon Added stats for the Ihiyo, will work on the stats for Kujulu soonish. Retrieved from ” http: Most of all, though, he loathes his own form. The personalities of the weak-minded are overwritten and replaced with insane savagery at his will. Ha-Roumalfess Blade-Wolves Han’ya The ha-rou take the form of great dire wolves five feet at the shoulder.

Their arms and legs fold perfectly flush against their bodies, and they often remain stationary for days on end.

We think you’ll have a much more enjoyable experience. The Massassi themselves have no more substance than a exaalted however, they are adept at taking control of a human host.



Malfeas, once king, hates Creation, and he hates imprisonment. Open Preview See a Problem? Mike Castaldo mlafeas it it was ok Feb 08, Loki Laufeyson rated it it was amazing Sep 16, There are three kinds: I liked the Kimbery-themed picture, so thanks for that. The above is from Kill Six Billion Demons.

Blood and torture gets really boring, really fast. Clariandra holds dominion over any lesser being who accepts any favor from her or her household, no matter how small; thus-indebted mortals and First or Second Circle demons are bound to her service, and must fulfill even mlfeas vilest and most self-destructive commands. Rather, the outer layer expands, its structure both collapsing and unfolding like a puzzle to form a larger, greater shell.

MumadomnaDefining, the Brazen Patriarch Quendalon From a high minaret that looks out over the black infinities of the Demon City, the Brazen Patriarch calls the demons to prayer. Itamar rated it it was amazing Feb 20, This book is not yet featured on Listopia.