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Of course, we could dispense with Flaubert’s “undecidability” and isolate either the axis of representation as in traditional readingsor the critical axis the so-called “modernist” attitude.

The Johns Hopkins University Press, Within this framework, I would like to examine the cliche from three funda- mental angles: Its quality of deja-vu enables it to regulate the interaction between the text and the reader. Engages Intertextual Operations An intentionally obvious cliche reminds the reader of the pre-existent dis- course from which it was taken.

For this reason, instead of condemning the cliche, we should examine the ways it is used within various programmings of reading. Balzac, Eugenie Grandet “Mme Grandet etait une femme seche et maigre, jaune comme un coing, gauche, lente; une de ces femmes qui semblent faites pour etre tyrannisees. Books by Ruth Amossy. Open Preview See a Problem? Stylistic features frozen by usage, lexically full figures felt to be shopworn or hackneyed Riffaterre,they emerge through an act of recognition.

From this perspective, let us briefly reconsider the passage from Madame Bovary. In the interests of brevity, I shall confine my discussion to the unmodified cliche in the strictest sense of the term des seins de neige, snow-white estereotipso, and not, as Desnos suggested, “une neige de seins,” a snow of breasts.


Ruth Amossy, The Clich in the Reading Process – [PDF Document]

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Beyond this operation, a different kind of deciphering emerges-one that pays attention to the worn- out figure’s handling in its new context. At this point, the poetics of the cliche merges with the socio- historical study of its uses, and calls for an analysis going beyond the scope of this paper.

It is intended to amosssy the functions or poten- tial functions of the cliche in activating a reading. Suleiman, Susan and Inge Crosman, Ed.

The clichejaune comme un coing, “yellow as a quince,” can become the object of a second, non-linear reading by virtue of its relation to a figure mealy fruit that have lost both their flavor and juice retroactively projected onto the cliche. Similarly, any reading model that activates various functions of a cliche by combining them in an even slightly complex set can inevitably be reduced to just one of its aspects.

Be the first to ask a question about Estereotipos y Cliches. To this end, the 36 Cliche in the Reading Process discursive element must be perceived to refer directly to “reality,” that is to the conventional idea that the reader has of what is real cf. Lists with This Book. Within a framework in which creation was imita- tion and the individual was in harmony with the collective in a “common place” where values held to be universal were exchanged, repetition was not judged in term’s of difference.

The cliche not only belongs to the problematic of reading, but seems to symbolize it in an almost exemplary way.

E Book Free Download For Mobile The Estereotipos Y Cliches Spanish Edition By Ruth Amossy Epub

Editions du Seuil, Editions de l’Universit6 de Edtereotipos, On the one hand, there is passive absorption and immediate appropriation, and on the other, critical awareness or evaluation.


In other words, when integrated in an overall program determining its impact, the cliche in no way halts the play of interpretations.

These reading strategies could be formally classified according to whether they operate in terms of a lack the suppression of one or more of the cliche’s func- tionsinversion the activation of a critical consciousness when automatism is called foror even radical heterogeneity.

Could Les Mysteres de Paris ever reasonably be considered to make use of stereotypes in the interests of critical and ironic consciousness? Each copy of any part of a JSTOR transmission must contain the same copyright notice that appears on the screen or printedpage of such transmission. As we have seen, the reader is not only referred back to an “as they say”; he is asked first to confirm it by letting himself be seduced, then to reflect, to reexamine it, put it in perspective, and denounce it.

Michel Charles, Rhetorique de la lecture Paris: Scenes de la vie privee, Scenes de la vie de Province, Ed. Does this mean that a particularly strict regulation will always shape the way a text is received? We can now see how each discursive strategy produces a different reading model. Le Nouveau Commerce, The mentally superior clichws has been struck down by fate; 41 Ruth Amossy she is etsereotipos, caught between two worlds.

The expression “blanche comme du linge,” “white as a sheet”stresses the interdependence of the moral and the physical: Sol Valeri added it Jan 23, A Theory of Aesthetic Response.