Richard Rohr. Introduction. • Richard Rohr brings a Christian Perspective to the Enneagram, an ancient personality system. Rohr explains how Christians can. Ellen Krogh är skapare av Newhabit, en ny möjlighet för dig som söker ett alternativ till den konventionella missbruks behandlingen. Newh. I first encountered the Enneagram when I was a graduate student at a conservative seminary. While on a weekend retreat I came across a copy.

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What’s Your Enneagram Number? |

Self-assessments are certainly popular. I have saved as a favorite for later! About halfway through, though, it was ob I was skeptical about this book for two reason. When something is trendy, like the Enneagram, I hate it by default. This blog post provides a brief introduction to this ancient personality tool and a compilation of different resources created by Father Richard Rohr, the Center for Action and Contemplation, and others.

That’s a super brief explanation as I am still figuring out how the enneagram works. No trivia or quizzes yet.

It is all quite fascinating. I have looked into different ways of categorizing personalities many times, but this was the first time I was confronted with something both insightful and capable of dealing with real complexity.

While I found the beginning rather dry, once o got into it, I couldn’t put it down. After paying ten bucks to take the assessment and then reading the book, I discovered that I am a 3. The problem is something too few people are speaking intelligently about. For a more in-depth introduction to the Enneagram, check out these three posts by Father Richard Rohr: This book was essentially my first exposure to the Enneagram, and it was a solid one.

Each type also has wings, subtypes, a besetting sin, and directional arrows toward other types that lead to growth or regression. This comprehensive model for spiritual and emotional development provides practical suggestions for greater self-awareness and freedom from fixations.

Aug 05, Cara Meredith rated it it was amazing. Written somewhat academically, I had to read sections over just to grasp the concepts sometimes. There are so many different shades of each type!


But it was not until the late s that Oscar Ichazo began teaching the Enneagram as we know it today. What is most useful in the Enneagram is the connection between the types see the cover for an idea of enjeagram connections. The book is written by two Catholic priests. Also, people who place a big emphasis on the Bible as the word of God will likely be bothered by how the authors interact with the text in places.

At the same time, it intrigued me and I started doing some more research on it. Definitely a 4 with a 5 wing. The Enneagram is built around the idea that there are basically nine shapes of the human soul. Richard Rohr learned about the Enneagram from this group and was one of the first people to publish a book about it in English. I also found some really interesting cont A good way dnneagram dive deeper into the Ennagram from a Christian worldview.

Hello, this weekend is good for me, for the reason that this occasion i am reading this fantastic educational post here at my residence. The authors give a Christian perspective on the enneagram, meaning that they attempt to show Christians how this can be a very effective tool for personal spiritual growth which they do very well and how it is connected to Christian scripture which they don’t do so well.

Sep 01, Nancy DeValve rated it really liked it Shelves: I can accept that I have weaknesses not because I have done things wrong or because I have failed, but because of who I am. It is definitely one I will refer to again and again on the long and windy road of transformation!

The Enneagram: A Christian Perspective

And I tend to meld into his stronger personality. Understanding that we are a primary type but also operate as a type in each of the other centers further helps us enneagrzm how we fixate and how we are trapped by personality. After reading this book, I have come to believe rrohr not only does Rohr fail to connect the enneagram to authentic Christian spirituality, but the enneagram itself is an unfit way of understanding the human person and what we have come to call “personality.


If you are completely new to the enneagram, you may want to read up on the enneagram through other sources before reading this. I learned so much about the history of this spiritual personality typing system.

More than any other personality model, I find myself identifying strongly with the challenges of my type as well as with the described path toward greater psychological and spiritual health. Which number orhr the Enneagram am I?

Upon wnneagram and investing in this season I most line up with a 7.

The Enneagram: A Christian Perspective by Richard Rohr

The Enneagram is challenging me to work through this on a much deeper level. Quotes from The Enneagram: Nov 26, Shelby Rogers rated it really liked it.

Rohr and Ebert’s book may be the kick in the seat of the pants and the guidebook you need. The Enneagram is not just a personality typing system. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. T he Enneagram is enjoying a resurgence of interest today.

Of course there aren’t just 9 types of people in the world and each characteristic of a type doesn’t describe each person, but it is a rojr brush. For a more in-depth introduction to the Enneagram, check out these three posts by Father Richard Rohr:. Feb 05, The rated it really liked it. No surprise—5 by a large margin. The Enneagram and Grace: This book did the best job I have seen of showing the nuances of variations on the themes and movement toward other types enneagramm is part of the process of personal growth.

It made me realize that reading different resources could be helpful. The Enneagram helps to lift up this issue in a way that helps bring to consciousness this danger.