These scripts are provided free of charge for the benefit of DOORS users. You may copy, modify or distribute any of these scripts as you wish, but please leave. The purpose of this series is to take a relatively simple script and add on to it and make it robust, providing a great DXL tutorial in the process. If someone in your company has already written some scripts in DXL, use them as reference. I had no formal training, the manual and some scripts were the only .

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Look up how to read modules Module readiterate over all objects of a module for object in moduleaccess attributes Attribute value extraction. DXL coding is like coding in any other type of language, you have to practice it and do it over and over and over again until you learn its intricacies.

Getting Started with DXL

This will let us reuse the code in other scripts very easily. In the DXL manual, the function shows that it is declared like this: The better way to accomplish this is to apply a filter. This tiny program first declares a variable m to be of type Module, which as you have guessed means a DOORS Module, and sets it to be the current one.

So we just need to print out whether we do. You can, for example, filter on a user-defined Attribute named ‘Object Type’ to view only those Objects that are marked as requirements, and look at the Results display to see how many requirements you have. Your question is unclear: If you prefer, you can use an ack box and then give the halt command yourself: Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.


Regarding your suggestions… 1. Keep it up running!

Use of DXL Scripts

Passing by reference is the only way passed vars can be updated by a function in other languages that I know. Kevin July 17, Mauro, You can write me at kevin.

Look up either of those functions: Am I not looking in the right place, or have you given up on this? This series will take that function and expand upon it incrementally, giving it more features. Deb January 13, Kevin, This is such a great idea, and well done for sharing with scriptijg of various levels of expertise.

If it is, the integer counter reqtCount is incremented i.

I mean, will this command kill scrilting views, so the users will need to reconstruct them? Thank you so much for this one!!! Maintainable Constants Another thing that is untidy in the little program is the way that string constants in double quotation marks are sprinkled everywhere, including in the main body of the program.

The Complete Program Here’s how the whole program looks, now that we have polished it up and protected it a little. I thought I explained this well, but apparently I did not.


If we wanted to look at a specific link module, the line would change to:. Mike Develle September 28, Thanks … keep those tutorials coming!

If it exists in standard C, then it is not capitalized in DXL. Can u help me…, how can I to display an URL? Do you have any suggestions on how to edit the DXL to do show these relationships? However, I want to discuss what has already been done. I belive that the approach of starting a simple program and using it to introduce new concepts is very sound. I think you are talking about editing a link module to see details—does the analysis wizard view in a module not work for you?

For a small program, it is efficient just to write and test the code to get it working in normal situations, and then to add features like pre-flight checks to help it behave properly if the context is wrong.

Extending Rational DOORS with DXL

If you want to go down further, you could argue that objects also contain links, as links cannot exist without objects. This seems pretty easy overall. I just started learning doors DXL language.