Ragini Tharoor Srinivasan on the graphic novelist Sarnath Banerjee, whose When Banerjee’s first book, “Corridor,” about the patrons of a. by Sarnath Banerjee. Many moons ago Sepoy posted about the forthcoming ‘first ever’ graphic novel from India, Corridor, by Sarnath Banerjee. In Corridor, one of the earliest graphic novels to be published in India, artist and filmmaker Sarnath Banerjee uses text and image to portray the.

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It brought back many memories for this expat Bengali, reminding me of so many people I have known. Read this one, if you like Graphic Novels. Theories lead us to the theme of…people hanging around, since many theories, histories and ideas are discussed in both works over the course of adda sessions in Connaught Circle and various cafes, streets and parks in Calcutta. Historical events are often narrated in what seems to be the third person, until a first person narrator suddenly pipes up and explains that he knows these things because he was there.

Booksellers snatched up copies of the book in the first month. That is a testament to the amount of detail Sarnath banerjse squeezed into each box. Corridor written and drawn by Sarnath Banerjee claims to be India’s first graphic novel.

Penguin India is clearly pleased with the idea that they have published the first and second ever graphic novels in India. But it all makes sense by the end. At least some of this interest can be attributed to the initial cult following of Corridor. And I am impressed.

The characters were not very distinct. I Kinda feel that the author sho Corridor is good but not great.


Corridor: A Graphic Novel

Banerjee has been interviewed quite a bit in the Indian press about his two books. This is a good attempt at a graphic novel. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. There may be loads of people who wont ‘get’ this book, and I totally understand. They did not pop out of the pages and they did not stay with me after I had completed reading the book.

Corridor: A Graphic Novel, Sarnath Banerjee (2004)

Jul 02, Ashwin rated it it was amazing. His main guide in this is Digital Dutta, a character who appears in Corridor as well. Both of these characters are intellectuals whose vast knowledge and learning are contrasted with their unpretentiousness and absolute rootedness in the immediate geography of their city neighborhoods.

And There are moments which will make you yawn too. A library he continually feeds and waters to the point of bursting. It often has funny moments.

Corridor: A Graphic Novel by Sarnath Banerjee

The plot is non-linear meandering through human emotions- black, white and grey. Before we conclude, it should be underlined that the representations of lives and relationships at metropolitan non-places unmistakably bring Corridor: Among his customers there is Brighu who’s a collector trying to collect both ancient relics and himself, there is Shintu who’s trying to achieve the most perfect and fulfilling marriage sexlife he can and then there is Dutta who’s basically living in his mind with different imaginations of his desires and regret.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Remember me on this computer. Then there is the gutter space that exists between panels, which is where the comics creator relies a great deal on the comprehension of the reader.

In Barn Owlin a technique he employs on and off, he introduces photographs of Calcutta, of buildings, of streets, of landmarks, sometimes drawing and painting over parts or all of them, and sometimes allowing them to stand on their own.


The non-linear narrative works well with the wonderfully evocative artwork. Let’s not think of cohesive plotlines, or comprehensive storyline. And if he gets the last object in the collection, he is effectively signifying his own death. Just get an hour out of your busy schedule and you won’t be disappointed The few good ones and the many more that could have been From JK Rowling to the Mughals, these were the ten most-read Scroll.

After listing four storytellers in this category, Ibn BattutaMarco PoloHueng Tsang and Jules Vernethe narration continues from the mouth of Tintinstanding near a cliff overlooking the sea with Snowy: He regresses to the anal phase- expressed by accumulation and retention. The conversations between these characters and the protagonists, who are generally less intellectual and less rooted in place and, presumably, spend more time being inconvenienced by trans-continental flights and unfriendly immigration officials create an avenue for exposition, explanation and elaborate description through words and images in both books.

The bespectacled, nerdy Dutta is provoked to a frenzy by banerjeee bunch of goons when he is with his girlfriend Dolly, and, egged on in his head by Marxist leaders like Che Guevara, he beats them up only to succumb to a mosquito bite. Banerjee clearly enjoys recreating architectures and cartographies in his drawings. Some images are hilarious while others are touching. Lets get one thing straight.

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