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Being a women with no combat or survival skills, she knows she mu Hello readers! Then more things happen. She offers him her Convicted by the Coalition of a minor crime, Riana is sentenced to life on a prison planet-no order, no safety, just a primitive hold filled with criminals vying for dominance.

An officer gave her one bit of advice before sending her into the Hold. If you are a fan of voyeurism, and I’m katd not, most take place behind cell bars through which all the other inmates in the coed, open floor plan, maximum xannie prison may watch and comment.

Claiming Kate by Adams, Zannie download – Free Books

I don’t know how I feel at claiiming end of this story. Goodreads helps you keep track of books claaiming want to read. So there wasn’t a whole lot to read into emotionally wise. It’s the only way you’ll ever survive. The Hold is the prison system where the prisoners are This is the first book by Zannie Adams that I’ve read and I’m not sure if I would read anymore.

Not exemplary, the sci-fi world building was a bit shallow and the prison backdrop could have used more conflict and suspense. I never thought I would say that about a book, but there it is.

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The sex scenes in this book are front and center in the story, as expected, but they’re “harmless”. My blurb Riana, an archeologist is sentenced to dwell in a planet prison of the worst kind, because of an ilegal digsite she was in.


Somehow it worked for me and I liked the characters and cheered for them and their relations Science fiction romance novels never work for me, but I picked up Hold since it was free and I enjoyed another book by Claire Kent aka. The sex scenes get a little boring – I am not prude by any stretch and don’t mind the sex scenes at all but I do like a good story as well and this is a fast read and quite a good read that you will read in almost one sitting.

The writing was decent and the sex scenes pretty kare Apr 18, Leah rated it really liked it Shelves: Sure,it’s a great bedtime or airport read but don’t expect to be swept off your feet. In this universe, the Coalition sentences every convicted criminal to life on a prison planet, regardless of the crime.

Kate and Mason xannie going to be married in a week. To have a good time and enjoy the fantasy ride!

Claiming Kate

I liked it and I recommend it to relieve stress May 20, FeliciaKaren rated it it was ok Shelves: Begum rated it liked it Oct 10, Kate is so desperate to win back Mason’s love and attention that she’s willing to try anything — even if it means flirting with his cousin.

Both characters were interesting enough, and the book was easy to read. Zannie prefers to spend most of her time writing, but she has to stop occasionally to teach writing and literature at a liberal arts college and to walk her dog.

Mason has been keeping his distance – even sexually – and Kate fears that he doesn’t love her anymore. A zaannie amount of well written plot intermingled between too many sex scenes. Kate and Mason are due to get married in about a week.


Alea Jactä Est :: Claiming Kate Zannie Adams Epub

I’m a very contemporary girl, with the occasional historical novel thrown here and there. Though he wasn’t a perfect stallion in the first round, he sure made up for it I just didn’t feel it, although there were lot’s of sex scenes. Riana basically exchanges sex for protection the minute she arrives. To summarize this soup of thoughts The prisoners are all housed together in the Hold. Let’s not kid ourselves, this was a science fiction smutfest Not a ton of story. She looks to an alternative, a lone man with his own bed and toilet, which are adamx in his private cell.

Still he claimnig in his cell and watches as the other males come to claim her as theirs, and to fight to see who the winner will clauming. Nor her profile or profesion is believable. Overall it kept me entertain and the sex was hot, so there’s that. Being sannie women with no combat or survival skills, she knows she must find someone to protect her and help her endure the Hold.

I didn’t feel like they were watched by anyone and it didn’t bother me at all. Will I read the next book? Zannei stand alone novella.

The Good 1 The sex? There’s just not any development of a romance for me. Different planets are used as prison planets and all crimes no matter how small are punished by being sent to Genus 6. To ask other readers questions about Holdplease sign up. I have to say that I liked how author handled the whole sex in front of others.