All you need to decode the markings on many types of capacitors. CBB22 is the manufacturers name for the capacitor series, it is a uF capacitance with. products offers cbb22 v capacitor products. About 99% of these are capacitors. A wide variety of cbb22 v capacitor options are. products offers cbb22 j v capacitor products. About % of these are capacitors. A wide variety of cbb22 j v capacitor.

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Looking at our capacitor we will see its marked J, this should be read as follows, 47 times the value that can be found in Table 1 corresponding to the 3rd number, in this case A second letter will be a temperature coefficient if its present. Judging by a capacitors size and type, you will quickly learn to determine capzcitor the value on the capacitor is capacitro in pF, nF or uF.

If a capacitor is f. Some small capacitance capacitors can be marked with a R between numbers, f. Here is a list of common capacitors and a scale between the different grades of the Farad SI unit. Also what is the wattage of the microwave transformer? Microwave oven capacitors are typically between 0,8 to 1,0 uF and a microwave oven transformer will be capaciotr to Watt depending on the model. What is the 2J in the start?? You need to replace it with a which is 4,7nF and a is a nF, which is times too large value for what you need.

I had a J capacitor go bad it looks like it blew up in a Sony audio system and ordered new ones from eBay but I received K instead. Will they still work? Should I let the guy know he sent me wrong ones? It really depends where in the circuit the capacitor is used, if it was in the signal path of the audio signal, sound could be different.

If it is used in a RC circuit the time constant of this could change. If it was used as decoupling over a IC it properly does not capacito. Thanks for the reply. The problem it was doing before I fixed it was that it turned on and worked just fine, but it shut off automatically cb22 a couple cpacitor minutes. Also, some burning smell could be present sometimes.

Maybe you can tell me more with this extra information?

I have updated the charts with this new standard, was capacitors get smaller, the writing also have to change. On the top it has three lines: FK is the type of capacitor 6J9K is the series lot number. It sounds like a electrolytic capacitor with a capacitance of uF and a 35 VDC rating. That is taken from this datasheet, so be aware that if you have a different manufacturer, it could be other ratings.

I found on a capacutor schematic that a guitar needs a. Another site has all these different types of caps ranging from.

Whats the difference between all those and what would be the best one to use on a guitar? The capacitor is used for a tone knob on the guitar. I do not know much about guitars, but if the capacitor is part of a tone control it is likely to be part of a filter and you can then adjust that filter with the knob. Changing the capacitance to something else than the original will change the bandwidth of the tone knob, so it will work in a different spectrum. I have added a voltage rating table to the page.


It is table 2 and gives the voltages according to the EIA standard. Capacitance and voltage rating is really only a very few specifications for a capacitor, to insure reliable operation there is many other factors, some of which are f. First one is a Green looks like ceramic capacitor with the following: This one has the following on it: You can use http: My answers remain the same, the second capacitor could be a polyester or polypropylene capacitor, if you need a similar, pick one with the same capacitance and a voltage rating higher than the supply voltage of the capaciyor.

Film capacitor – Wikipedia

From the physical size, voltage rating and it being a ceramic disc capacitor, it could be given in pF as that is the case when just a 1 or 2 digit number is given, but 5 pF capacitor is very unlikely to have sitting across the output of an inverter. You are right about the 3kV being the voltage rating. Hey MADS, can i replace j v cbb222 with a nk v capacitor? No, capacitlr first is a 0. You have the voltage rating correct, but you need a capacitor of the same capacitance to be sure of getting the same performance out of your speaker system.

Hi, I need a pF v capacitor at least v. Disc capacitors are usually ceramic and for a 5 mm wide capacitor, V rating sounds reasonable, but do check manufacturers datasheet to be sure. Hi Mads, I have a Saab motor fan capacitor with markings. What are the other numbers telling me about it? Thank you, Dave Capaxitor, CO. I would say it is a 0,uF capacitor as it written on it, it is easier to tell from a picture of the capacitor in question. Even if you just find a capaitor picture on the internet.

Hi Can anyone help me identify a tiny non polarised blue bead capacitor with axial leads labelled A 10 4Z. Refering to table 2 in this article: I guess that 2n3 is 2. The voltage rating could be so high, just to withstand the voltage spikes from the current switched by the transistor.

It is not certain that manufacturers follow the marking standard, capacihor you have to look at the datasheet from the manufacturer to be sure. If the capacitor is used as part of a frequency forming network, it has to be the exact same capacitance, else the circuit might not work as you found out with a larger capacitor. I have not yet seen a small capacitor with current markings, you can almost sure that a capacitor is marked with voltage rating, tolerance and capacitance.

As these examples show, there capacittor not just one way to read the markings, there is many different ways and the only way to be sure is to find the manufacturers data sheet. Did you recieve my photographs and my second e mail as I have not seen a reply since, sorry to trouble you, but I broke two of these and I need to replace them.

Look at the tables in this article and read capacitoe text, those corresponds to 3. The output voltage from a 40W CFL driver is roughly around to Volt at some high frequency, using Ohms laws that is around 40mA. Metallized polypropylene capacitors are likely to use aluminium or zinc for the metallization of the plastic film. The other stuff you find in a capacitor is then either plastic film, insulating substances or glue. Try to play around with the capacitor calculator I made for exactly that: When you add different xbb22 in parallel, you can just add the capacitances together as capacigor did.

  ASTM D3451 PDF

But be aware that current sharing will not be equal. With different voltage ratings, you will have to derate the total capacitor bank to the lowest voltage. Tantalum capacitors can come in all capacktor, what you have to be aware about is that tantalum capacitors are polarized just like electrolytic capacitors and they will certainly not work in your CFL driver.

Here are some examples of tantalum capacitors: I am guessing they are running at a fixed frequency with a simple oscillator and current output is determined by the pulse width of the driving signal. So only a few components needs to be changed between the different power versions.

To find a formula for capaitor given CFL circuit, you will have to reverse engineer it and do it yourself. Will I have any problems using these in the circuit even capacitod the voltage rating is much higher than the circuit calls for? There is no problems in using capacitors with a higher voltage rating, some other characteristics but just the capacitance can capaciyor make a difference in the sound in such audio equipment as you repair.

Hi, thanks for taking the time to respond once capacitoe, there is not any dot.

Film capacitor

Unless it is a big capacitor, then the v rating tells us that the capacitance can not be 1uF, so 0. You can replace with the uF, without much change in inrush current and with better smoothing capablitiy on your DC voltage. You risk that your voltage will sag with a capacitor that is almost half of the original, so avoid the 33uF. This is a great pageā€¦. They go in some sort of industrial video display control.

Could you please upload a picture of it or find a similar online? Those numbers does not give me a certain clue.

Capacitor code table | Kaizer Power Electronics

I think it is a varistor and not a capacitor, LF9 and PZ56 are both markings of this type varistor, http: Would you be kind to identify the component with black rectangle on dbb22. It has nk written on it. The 2nd line on the capacitor shows it is a 50VDC rating, the K with lines above and below is a ID tag related to the manufacturer.

Hy I am looking for a 33pf capacitor and I cnt seem to find it anywhere in my components and cbbb22 polarized. Can you please kindly send me a picture of that. And I have like capacitors which is like nF but here they used gold but I have blue. Is it find if I use the blue one? I think you are talking about this type of Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor. Thank you so very much for your quick and informative reply.

I have already ordered them online, thanks to you. It is sometimes easy to get discouraged when trying to learn something new but this website has explained a great deal to me in any easy to understand way and for cnb22 I thank you also! Things I would often throw out when they stopped working have been brought back to life with a little elbow grease and researching on cbh22 web. Just wanted to say thanks again. I think the second one is uF 50V, but not sure.

Can you tell what parametres these 3 components have? Or where can I find it out.