7 Results Buy CAT D, CAT D, CAT D, CAT D at – Page 1 of 1. View updated Caterpillar Crawler Loader specs. Get dimensions, size, weight, detailed specifications and compare to similar Crawler Loader models. At that point, a formal introduction was “coming soon” for a D-Series version of the Caterpillar , the largest crawler loader model on the.

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Please fix the errors below to continue. Serviceability See more Tiltable Cab This feature makes the maintenance and the repairs easier. Tilt and lift kickouts are set by positioning the bucket or work tool and setting a rocker switch in the cab.

The Steel Mill Arrangement provides the best protection available for this extremely difficult application. Through Messenger, operator can create his own profile and set Hystat, implement and steering reactions. Operators enjoy greater visibility around the machine fostering greater confidence and safety.

Maintenance Deluxe Package This package makes easy and allows fast engine oil change. Click here to enter full address. Automatic Kickouts The standard programmable automatic kickouts provide flexibility and productivity for precise load and dump target heights. All those features help increase loader productivity throughout its life. Alert you to potential and immediate issues. Report current equipment parameters machine hours, location and fuel consumption.

Product Link See more Product Link Product Link uses wireless and satellite technology to gather and transmit essential information, related to machine usage, maintenance and location.


For more information on Cat products, dealer services and industry solutions, visit us at www. The D-Series cab is designed for operator comfort, convenience and to provide an excellent view to the bucket, tracks and ripper. The WH standard package should be selected for jobs in landfills, transfer stations or material recovery facilities. This system identifies the specific machine issue, displays the fault and facilitates quick resolution by service personnel.

Keep an Open Mind. It can act as a typical bucket for loading trucks, dozing waste or digging. While guarding will protect most of the machine from impact loads, additional protection is needed to keep smaller particles from clogging air circulation around and to the engine. This link enables the system to track the cylinder stroke, reducing operator effort, and increasing productivity.

Caterpillar Motor Grader. This feature increases links’ life and lowers owning and operating costs.

Daterpillar steel mill package protects the D and its operator against extreme conditions to allow the machine to handle hot slag in steel mill operations. Machine Productivity – Quick, maneuverable, and highly productive with simple to use, intuitive controls and bucket options to match production requirements. During an interview with Construction Equipment for a Buying File feature on crawler loaders, Nebergall was enthusing about the Caterpillar D and D models out in the market.

Operator can set lift and tilt kickouts at any position according to the applications without leaving the cab. For the greatest return on your investment, your D should be equipped specifically for the demands of your job site. Lights Additional Package This package includes four more lights guarded. This results in longer operating time between cleanouts, maximized machine uptime and reduced operating costs.


Earthmoving Report: Caterpillar D C | Construction Equipment

Fender Reinforcement Reinforced fenders protect cab and sheet metal by blocking and deflecting debris with a angled design. Hinged to provide easy access for servicing and cleanout. Provides good balance and traction with a smooth ride. With a trash rack installed, it can doze large volumes of waste. With Caterpillar built and designed waste handling features, the track loader is now considered the second most useful machines in a landfill after the compactor.

The system contains 1. Machine balance is critical in poor underfoot conditions, load and carry and truck loading applications. Parallelogram Ripper 9973d multi shank parallelogram ripper adds extra versatility and force to expand the machine’s range of applications.

This bucket is designed for easy loading in stockpile or hard bank materials. This information is easily accessible through Equipment Manager.

Caterpillar 973 Crawler Loader

The combination of the right bucket with the right machine caterpiloar provide the best possible performance in your particular application. The lift and tilt cylinders use position-sensing electronics, allowing the operator to program kick-outs for faster cycle times. All service points are accessible from ground level on the right side of the engine.

A choice of V-lever and joystick for speed and steering control is available through the price list. CaterpillarBackhoe Loaders.