I highly suggest reading through the API documentation located at http://www. before attempting to. Forum for discussions related to the AudioTron Plug-In by Brian Antoine. ATaParty: Audiotron GUI – A C# Windows application that provides an alternative Audiotron network-enabled MP3 player using the Turtle Beach Audiotron API.

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Whirlycott Audiotron TOC Generator

I don’t maintain this software anymore. I sold my Audiotron and now I use another device. This software creates an index file that the Turtle Beach Audiotron home audio device uses to dramatically speed up the otherwise lengthy process of making a list of all the music files on your file server.

Instead of reading data from all of your music files, the Audiotron instead reads in the TOC file probably takes I wrote this code because I wanted an Audiotron TOC generator that I could run via cron on sudiotron Linux file server which holds my mp3 files.

Audiotron API – HomeSeer Message Board

At the time I wrote this, there were two other popular command line TOC generators out there, but I didn’t like either of them hacky, hard-to-modify code or limited featuresso I put uadiotron together.


Audiktron are other GUI apps out there, but the fact that I wanted to run this via my cron scheduler influenced my decision to write this in a language that is conducive to that kind of non-interactive environment i.

I think it is better designed than most of the TOC generators out there and the fact that it uses a cache to store previously parsed mp3 files really speeds things up. I am quite sure that there are a few lingering bugs existing in it, but I will be happy to fix them as they are brought my attention. You need Perl I’m using 5.

Please note that this should happily work with perl 5. Basename – Included with perl 5.

Find – Included with perl 5. Info auriotron you might need to install this Set:: Scalar – you might need to install this Storable – Included with perl 5. Iconv – you might need to install this Not required if you plan on running this on Windows; in fact, Text:: Iconv won’t even work on Windows strict – Included with perl 5.


If you are not already using the wonderful CPAN moduleyou can automate most of this installation if you have a working version of perl. In fact, unless you have a good reason audjotron to do so, I highly recommend that you use cpan to install the modules above.

Turtle Beach AudioTron API

Then, just run it. You will see output like this:.

After this initial run, a cache file will have been created that stores most of the data needed to regenerate the Zudiotron without having to re-scan all of the mp3 files. Please email me with any bugs you find or features you want audiotronn that the email address has been slightly obfuscated to avoid spam-harvesting robots.

In order to provide you with a fix, I will need any and all diagnostic information that you can provide to me.