12 LITTLE THINGS EVERY FILIPINO CAN DO TO HELP OUR Alexander L. Lacson is a book about what every ordinary Filipino can do to. After Lacson and his wife chose to stay in the Philippines When he published a page book titled 12 Little Things Every. Help Our Country Alexander L Lacson book you are also motivated to 12 Little Things Is Based On Alex Lacson’s Book “12 Little Things.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Malcolm Gladwell says yes. At that time, new York was already the finance capital of the world. But during that littpe, aroundserious crimes and murders were co The POWER of “little things” Can we change our community by improving on the “little things”?

But during that period, aroundserious crimes and murders were committed yearly in that city. No one could solve the problem. The waiting platforms were poorly lit and damp, while the walls were covered with all kinds of graffiti.

The trains themselves were filthy, the floors littered with trash, and were lacsom late. Two little things-removal of graffiti and presence of policemen. By they changed the culture and the face of New York.

tgings Gladwell says “do not underestimate the power of little things. If “little things”can change a city, they can change a country. Greatness follows if we learn to be great in little things,” says Charles Simmons. And his book is changing the mindsets of people around the world. Paperbackpages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. There are many ways to change, from simple to more complicated.

Since then, Filipinos are aware of the bad changes and results that are happening to the society and many attempts to change it. From local radio station, television, newspapers, programs, you can hear or read llttle volunteers speaking of changes. And now, a Filipino lawyer, author, lecturer, philanthropist and politician is trying to change again Filipinos by discarding bad habits and trying to instill new ways to change the country There are many ways to change, from simple to more complicated.

And now, a Filipino lawyer, author, lecturer, philanthropist and politician lacspn trying to change again Filipinos by discarding bad habits and trying to instill new ways to change the country into a better and peaceful place. The streets in Manila become the medium of pathogenic bacteria that causes viral diseases not only that, streets become the public toilet, canvass and houses of wild animals including human.

Hundreds of programs and organizations are trying to change the bad habits by implementing rules and regulations that can manifest changes. Thlngs, people never change from the beginning, they just continue destroying things and they did not realize that they also waste a lot of money lacskn can also help improve the country.

Filipinos only lacks respect, as it mentioned in the book: In Psychology, experts agree that respect is litle of the most basic needs of man. Every man wants and desires to be respected. Every man wants to be recognized. Every man desires to be values and honored. How can you manage to respect others if they do not respect you at first place? One of the best examples is the argument between a jeepney thins and a traffic officer.


From the start, as most of the Filipinos know that jeepney llttle or most of the drivers are violating traffic regulations and that increases traffic and as well as accidents causing death of innocent people. And if the traffic officer is trying to approach them, they will only tell lies and argue with the officer trying to deceive them because of the penalties.

Traffic officers or enforcers also have some issues regarding the penalties and being corrupt. The book manage to discuss minor issues in the Philippines and some tasks that we usually done every day and change it into something positive and trying to change negative habits to more approachable and helpful ones. This little yellow book, published by a Filipino trying to change the country and being fan of Malcolm Gladwell, approach readers into reality and how powerful a little things can change the country.

The change must start to us. These small things can change not only yourself but also the country that is waiting for years to change and never succeed. As a Filipino, I think God given us thousands or maybe millions of chances to change but until now, we still hoping for something big to happen.

Not to mention, big things starts in little million pieces. We always expect that the government will help us to change, will help us improve, but we must consider that aleex, as the citizen of the country, must also change. One thing that manages my attention was the language used in the book mentioned from a local reviewer zlex I think she was littpe.

If the book only written in Tagalog or Filipino, this will make more appealing and stunning to local readers but because of this English or being a bilingual country we usually underestimate the power of our language. So far, it was a good read and too preachy. One of the longest zip lines in the Philippines found in South Cotabato, where I lived for 16 executive years preserving nature and being nature friendly province in the south.

I can’t wait to ride the zip line again this coming December. Review posted on Old-Fashioned Reader. Lacson2 Sweets Challenges: View all 19 comments. Feb 27, Charissa Sophia de la Rosa rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Filipinos who want to help our country in just 12 easy and simple ways.

This [book] is one of the true definitions of a masterpiece. It doesn’t need to be as intriguing and beautiful as the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci or as breathtaking as The Pieta by Michelangelo to be considered as a masterpiece. It doesn’t need to be as successful as the Harry Potter series that’ll plunge you into another world of wizards and witches to be considered as a masterpiece. It is a masterpiece in its own way.

12 Little Things Every Filipino Can Do to Help Our Country by Alexander L. Lacson

A masterpiece, in my humble opinion, is a work of ar A masterpiece. A masterpiece, in alcson humble opinion, is a work of art that helps you in some ways, like for your own future or for your own attitude like How to Win Friends and Influence People. My friend, this is a masterpiece lacsln it tells something to us Filipinos. It teaches us the things we shall do to help our country in simple ways.

Just like a saying goes “Ako ang simula! I love this book for it helps to awaken Filipinos’ spirits. The 12 little things this book contains will really help our beloved country! Just by the easy and simple acts stated in this like following traffic rules and asking for a receipt, we can make a change!


12 Little Things Every Filipino Can Do to Help Our Country –

Every Filipino in the Philippines should read this. It’ll wake Filipinos’ patriotism and nationalism and prove to the world that we are lacaon just simple, disrespectful, lacxon and many other criticisms from other people. I kept pondering over myself, what if we can bring back the economy of the Philippines around s or 50s? What if Ferdinand Aled wasn’t a dictator and was a good hearted leader and didn’t introduce corruption to the Philippines?

But no matter how much I ponder, we can’t take back the past Philippines. Since we can’t change the past, we should focus on the present and future by starting to mend the problems the past caused. This is a great help and I suggest every Filipino should read this. If every Filipino will do what this book taught, I am very positive our country will progress. Lacson with all my heart for writing this book.

With this book, he lkttle his patriotism and nationalism to the Philippines and he has a very admirable goal- to teach many other Filipinos about the things they can do to our country. And we should also be like Mr. We alx better than where we are standing right now.

Let us all show to the world the greatness of the Filipinos! Sep 14, K. Absolutely rated it liked it Shelves: Oftentimes we say that we are just one citizen and we cannot do anything about the problems of the country. This book tells us Filipinos that there are twelve little things that we can do for our country.

This little book was written by a lawyer in with the aim of having as many Filipinos read this so the language is simple and feels like written by a bright elementary or high school student. I aoex with some of my friends who thought that this could have been more effective if writt Oftentimes we say that lavson are just one citizen and we cannot do anything about the problems of the country. I agree with some of my friends who thought that this could have been more effective if written in Tagalog so it lottle reach more Filipinos especially those who shun away from English particularly if it is in a book form, however little un-daunting it may be.

12 Little Things Every Filipino Can Do to Help Our Country

The author became popular after this book’s released in so he was invited by President Benigno Aquino to run in the senatorial election under the his political party. The little voice in a little book failed to make even a dent in the corrupt machinery of the political dynasties in my country.

Many reviews have been written about this lithle. Check the ones here on Goodreads and you will not find anything that argues any of the twelve little things. Because qlex are true.

Sometimes, you will even feel that Lacson was just stating the obvious. But hey, at least there was somebody llacson tried to articulate the obvious because my obvious may not be your obvious too. Do I follow these 12 little things?