To get only the cpu info from the topas command terminal. pre AIX The topas tool is a full-screen tool and its output is not well suited for. TOPAS – NMON: TOPAS Reports selected local and remote system statistics. The topas command requires the and file sets to be. An interactive paper that provides help on understanding the fields from the AIX topas command and what commands can be used to dig deeper into a.

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Cluster Utilization View A cluster is a group of related partitions or nodes. Email Required, but never shown. You must stop topas and all clients which use Spmithen restart after tolas WLM changes are made. SshNet; using System; using System.

Displays in monochrome mode no colors. Forks The number of fork system calls per second executed over the monitoring interval. Thu, December 13, Type in a Name: Originally Posted by rpm Replaces the current display with the Disk Metric display. Press the f key while moving the cursor over a WLM class to display the list of top processes in the class at the bottom of the WLM screen.

This reports bandwidth use of the tape device, the amount of data transferred read or written to the tape device, and the average number of transfers per second issued to the tape device. PgspIn Aiix number of aiz K pages read from paging space per second over the monitoring interval.

In this panel, the top section contains the same metrics that the Disks panel displays. Tagged with AIX Basicsaix interviewAIX learningaix performance toolsaix tutorialsapplicationscheck cpu usagecpuCPU usagefat file systemfilemoniostatkill processesnmonperformanceperformance monitoringperformance tuning parametersprocessessvmonsvmon commandsotpastopas commands.


Tppas the same time, do not attach too many physical disks or LUNs to any one adapter, as this also significantly impacts performance. Similar to the ps command, the -P flag displays the full-screen process display.

Shows the help screen for the local panel, if available.

UPDATED: topas features: column sort, toggle to nmon and more! – AIX Down Under Blog

The top part of the display shows a list of hot WLM classes, similar to the WLM classes subsection on tpas default display, but with enough space available to display the full class tolas.

The sum of memory consumed for all shared partitions in the pool. USER The login name of the process owner. This includes paging activity associated with reading from file systems.

If you do not specify the -f flag, the default value is two. Physical disks This subsection shows a one-line report summary of the activity for all physical disks. Toggles the hot processes subsection on and off.

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Additional Cross-Partition Panel Subcommands When the topas Cross-partition panel is active, it accepts the following additional 1-character subcommands. The number of kilobytes read and written per second over the monitoring interval.

The average of virtual context topsa per second shared-only. The hardware meanings for local, near and far vary with varying architectures. Toggles the MPIO panel on or off.

To list the target devices and client disks zix to that adapter, select the adapter and press the f key. Anonymous March 3, at 4: This is also the maximum number of network interfaces displayed when enough room is available on the screen. Static power save mode is enabled. P The uppercase P key replaces the default display with the full-screen process display. The number of uncapped shared partitions.


The average time spent by a transfer request in the waiting queue. The dedicated and shared partitions are displayed in separate sections with appropriate metrics.

The total memory that is not allocated to any partition. Implementation Specifics Disks and network adapters added after starting topas or any other SPMI consumer will not be reflected in topas. The space bar key acts as to;as toggle for freezing the topas panel. Readch The number of bytes read per second through the read system call over the monitoring interval. AQW The average time spent by a ax request in the waiting queue. Item Description psize The effective maximum capacity of the pool entc The entitled capacity of the pool maxc The maximum capacity of the pool physb The sum of physical busy of processors in shared partitions of a pool app The available physical processor in the pool mem The sum of monitored memory for all shared partitions in the pool muse The sum of memory consumed for all shared partitions in the pool.

There are many different topas commands which system admin can use to check CPU usage.