HumanResources is indeed the schema, with Employee being the table name. You would therefore query the table using SELECT * FROM. For those of use who have spent any time in the sample AdventureWorks database, I just found a handy Visio (or HTML) database diagram of. Dataedo. AdventureWorks. Data Dictionary. Generated with. Page 2. Table of Contents. 1. AdventureWorks.

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Epic AdventureWorks Part 2 – The Model

Download it from CodePlex. The data is kept in a normalized structures 3NF.

Each entity is broken down into table s to store the data in an optimal way and to prevent data redundancy and data update anomalies. Usually the OLTP data models are complex and hard to understand. The data might go into some staging tables for cleansing before loading them into the OLAP database structure. What you adventurewors2012 in the end is a data which is made perfect for reporting and separate from production OLTP so that performance of production system is not impacted while reports are running.


AdventureWorks Database Diagram

ETL Extract, Transform and Load is the process that is used to extract the data from multiple database sources, transforming that based on the business rules and then loading them into the OLAP databases for reporting purposes.

I will cover them more in future. Star and Snowflakes schemas are the database design structures for OLAP databases to store data in the form of dimensions and measures.

adventureworkz2012 Below is the typical star schema strucutre:. If you are learning SQL Server you will come across many blogs, articles and training videos using sample database called AdventureWorks explaining and practicing database concepts with SQL Server technologies. It can be downloaded for free from CodePlex.

AdventureWorks has replaced Northwind and Pub sample databases that were shipped earlier. It comes pre-loaded with all the data you need to play.

The typical diagram of OLTP database looks something like below: Below is the typical star schema strucutre: I will be posting more about the concepts mentioned above as dedicated post.


So What is AdventureWorks? The following databases are available for download: The AdventureWorks DW database demonstrates how to build a data warehouse.

The AdventureWorks LT database is a simplified and smaller sample database helpful for those new to relational database technology. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

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